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Smartypet Pet Products is one of the leading supplier of the pet products in india.

Established in 2010 - SMARTYPET PET PRODUCTS is an associated concern of Gokal Chand & Son's (Estd.1952) So an experience of almost 65 years was always a back bone to our succes, Now Smartypet is involved in product development, design, manufacture and import of wide range of pet products which cater to the needs of a pet shop. Presently, we have categorized the whole range of our products into three categories - SMARTYPET, Bio Clean, Healthy Treat.

Smartypet products aims at providing value for money to their customers.

What We Do ?

Cages & Pet Carriers

Dog carriers and travel products from leading brands such as Ferplast, Midwest Homes for Pets, Imac and more

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Leashes & Collar

Dog collars and reflective dog harnesses, to leashes with a little bling.You need to keep your pet safe and looking good.

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Playing & Chew Toy

There are two types of dogs that do not chew on their toys. Playing with your dog and the toy can encourage biting/grabbing of the toy.

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Grooming Products

Dog grooming supplies, tools and equipment. Browse our dryers, clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and other dog grooming

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Chews Snacks

Dog chews that are healthy and delicious. With soft snacks and long-lasting dog chews, PetSmart offers the perfect treat for your pet.

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Cosmetics & Sanitation

Dog, Cat or other animal accepted for grooming or styling standards of care for safety and sanitation.

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Beds & Clothing

Dogs love that they're stuffed with items love that they simply stuff your molly mutt bed with your old clothes, towels, pillows, etc.

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Find everything you need for your dog. Collection of dog supplies, including the dog accessories, toy, crates, collars and more.

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Our Pet Products

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Food ingredient

Your pet deserve best

We are offering a wide range of pet Feeds. These pet Feed are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end.

why Choose Us

We offer the most amazing services for your Pet's health and High quality professionals ready to take care of your best friend.


    We offer these foods which is rich in vitamins and these foods helps the pets to stay healthy & happy.


    We are one of the leading supplier of the pet products in india.

  • Lots of Choice Products

    To keep pets engaged is to provide them with toys that will keep them mentally and physically engaged.

  • Easy to Use

    we offer Pet Grooming products which are easy to use.Because cleaning are essential for their good looks.

  • Pet Nutrition

    Chicken, wheat flour, Proteins, Lecitin, Minerals, Vitamins, Essential Amino Acids, Soya Refined oil.


    Our company has been acknowledged for providing Backend Support to the clients.

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